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标题(title) mega site of bible information 一般不超过80个字符
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描述(description) tions of the people of the latter days. these fit the people of today perfectly, 一般不超过200个字符
om& bible almanacclick here a mega bible study and prophecy site proof the bible is true the world′s biggest skeptic regarding the bible later, he went to israel and saw the evidence of biblical places and prophecies. there are app 10,385 bible prophecies. not one has ever been wrong. life's #1 decision: will you trust in jesus plus read and obey the bible? god′s word reveals “what lies ahead” with 100% accuracy. nuclear blast app. 17,000 subject index salvationdevotionalsemail us bible studiesprayer prophecysermons sin listspiritual warfarestatistics tribulation in detail audio & written bible guidelines‐reading the bibleisrael was destroyed in 70 ad, but the bible stated that one day it would be reborn. nearly 2000 years passed, but then, the miracle happened. israel was reborn on may 14, 1948. this single event was day 1 of what the bible calls the latter days of the end times. the scriptures seem to indicate that a period of up to 80 years in length would follow israel′s rebirth‐ref ps 90:10. when israel declared itself to be a state, the nations around it attacked. israel seemed to be without hope. many were killed, but israel survived. again, in 1967 and 1973, they were attacked. israel′s rebirth began a countdown that will lead to an event called the tribulation. during this countdown, 365 biblical signs of the times should take place. incredibly, one by one, they have come to pass. now there is only two left that we know of.after all are fulfilled, then the rapture (also called the translation or caught up) is expected for those that follow jesus (the bible). this should be on the jewish “feast of trumpets”‐num 10:2; and the time will be at midnight (israeli time)‐mt 25:6. many that think they are saved will be left, crying, lord, lord, open to us‐lk 13:25.shortly after the rapture, the terrifying tribulation begins. over one‐half of the earth′s population will die from wars, starvation, executions and plagues. after the tribulation, the battle of armageddon will explode. jesus shall return and 1000 years of peace will follow. sadly, many “so-called” christians don't have a clue to what is happening. millions listen to psychology, storytelling, and feel good teaching, but turn a deaf ear to god′s word, repenting, and obeying the bible. the end for most is the lake of fire, not heaven. events called the rapture (or translation, or caught up), then the tribulation, armageddon, and the return of jesus should be soon. the bible warns “you” to be ready‐mt 24:44, but indicates that only the “few” that obey god′s word shall be taken. email–drop us a line. your comments and questions are on this site is © copyrighted. it may be copied for personal use only.jesus is the “word”. he is “come in the flesh”‐ref 1 jn 4:2,3; 2 jn the bible‒3 menus: one below the picture. a larger one to the left. click for the 17,000 master menu. bookmark site email. we wantto hear from you.other languages blog & world newsmake us yourhomepagesoon coming climaxaudio & written bible home page part 2 ...
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